Pioneer Travel

Visual design challenge aimed at meeting specific usability criteria.

This was a challenge set within my team to incorporate several functionality aspects into an aesthetically pleasing user interface. For this I chose a fictional travel company aimed at organising adventures for the millennial market.

The brief

The challenge set specific criteria that the design had to meet including:

  • Filtering of results
  • Date selector
  • Display of results in different manners
  • Multistage form
  • 2 factor authenticated sign in
  • Personalised dashboards
  • Settings page


To begin with I started by developing a strong brand feel for the fictitious company. The name 'Pioneer' developed from the idea of travelling of the beaten track, an idea which is becoming more popular recently. With this name in mind I produced a logo and simple branding guide.

Logo development

The use of brighter colours and large blocky modern layouts was devised to attract a millenial audience. The fonts chosen were open, modern and geometric; creating an inviting and honest appearance whilst also remaining modern and approachable.

Vibrant pink
Sea blue


Filtering and date selector

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Results display

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Multistage form

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Sign in and dashboard

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