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Matthew Dawber

End to End Principal Product Designer

Vidsy redesign and cultural shift

This work included the definition of Vidsy’s ecosystem, consisting of 3 SaaS products, B2C, Internal and B2B platforms. Due to these being under NDA I am only able show prototypes in person.

UX, UI and visual design @ Civica Digital

Due to the nature of my role and work conducted in the Gov, Defence and Financial sectors, many of the projects I worked on at Civica I can’t publicly shared.

Yumi gym friend finder app concept

An app to help people find workout partners based on several factors such as gym location, fitness level and intended results.

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Playstation iOs mobile app redesign

An unofficial redesign of the playstation app.

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Johnson Family Fitness brand and web refresh

Trying to grow his business the client wished to reach out to new a new target audience who would be looking for a better quality of service.

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Principal Product Designer, specialising in UX/UI.

With 10 years in the industry and 20 years design experience, I have a vast knowledge and practical experience in UX and creative disciplines including user research, user testing, information architecture and user interface design. I also have experience in branding, graphics and can aid in the development of full flow customer experiences.

I help clients launch delightful new products, reimagine existing solutions and perform digital transformations on their services. My project experience involves SaaS, government services, commercial web design, branding for new products and app design. I also help mentor others in UX/UI and visual design through re:create helping inspire others to produce usable and functional solutions.

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